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About the company

I am pleased to introduce you my company. I started business activity under the name Polcan in 1993. Gradually expanding the business, I am endeavoring to select associates, suppliers and product range so as to provide our Customers with the highest standard of service.

As of July 2012, for the purpose of ensuring further growth, my existing business was transformed by contribution of an enterprise in kind into a company under the name POLCAN LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY LIMITED JOINT-STOCK PARTNERSHIP.

At the moment the potential of the company involves more than 100 employees in the trade office in Warsaw and offices in Katowice, Wrocaw, Pozna, Rzeszw, Gdask and Cracow. We are constantly expanding the product range and scope of services so as to meet the needs of ever-increasing number of trading partners.

The products we offer comply with all international and Polish requirements in terms of quality, environmental protection, operational safety, and in particular, lower operating costs. Products on our offer originate from well-known manufacturers, with which Polcan works as an authorized reseller or trading partner.

In addition, in order to facilitate and enhance the customer experience, in October 2003 we launched an on-line store called e-Store, which we are constantly improving and which contains information on current promotions, product descriptions and prices determined individually for trading partners.

Registered Address:

ul. Poznaska 218 05-850 Oarw Mazowiecki

Regional Court for the capital city of Warsaw, XIV Commercial Department of the National Court Register
KRS 0000419894, NIP 1182084717, Regon 146118665 Share capital PLN 12,550,000.00
BRE Bank S.A. 05 1140 1010 0000 5406 6000 1001

Terms and Conditions of Cooperation

Our proposal is based on favorable terms of cooperation in the scope of purchasing of the above goods. We have in stock almost all of the basic materials in quantities sufficient to meet your needs. We bring in non-standard goods subject to availability in suppliers' warehouses within 2 days.

For wholesale customers we are a good business partner, a one-stop-shop for firms of the type "office-service", office supply and stationery stores and computer stores, allowing them to easily obtain the goods ordered by their customers from the above range.

For wholesale partners we offer favorable, individually determined discount and credit terms and conditions, and professional assistance and support of our sales staff, sales representatives and product managers.

If you are interested, please review the information posted in our e-Store, and wholesale customers are invited to the Wholesale Customers section. The most convenient form of cooperation is filing of an order via the e-Store, which, in accordance with the established form of its processing, will be filled within 24 hours

In case you are interested in any item from the price list, please contact: , , , , , ,

We will be glad to establish the terms of cooperation and manner of processing of orders.

Hoping for your interest in our offer and cooperation, I remain

Sincerely yours, Roman Kwiatkowski.

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